Our Story


We are self-funded

Kano was bootstrapped on savings and has yet to take external funding. This allows us to stay focused on building great social experiences.

Our roots

Where you come from doesn’t necessarily define where you are headed but it does provide perspective.

In 2008 we set out to create a social game for the Facebook and Myspace platforms. Two months of long, caffeine-driven days later we released Viking Clan which we were able to grow into a million plus installs worldwide.

Viking Clan was our first foray into social games and would teach us the importance of putting the player first. By leveraging the web we were able to release live changes and see immediate results. Supported with analytics and customer feedback, this allowed us to rapidly improve the gaming experience for our players.

That feedback loop has been integral to our success and has ingrained a culture of evidence-based decision making.


🍁 Kanodians

Canada is our home, but that hasn't stopped us from importing amazing talent from as far away as India!


🐶 Canine Companions

On occasion, we have two furry friends: Opie and Newman on-site and in the office.


🕹️ Game Titles

Free Rider HD, Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra, Viking Clan, Pirate Clan, and Zombie Slayer.

We make products

We create games, but we also make analytic tools and social products. Most importantly we build and iterate based on our players’ wants and needs.

Some of our projects fail

We’ve made expensive mistakes that taught us valuable lessons. Embrace your failures, learn from them, and share them. 

(Note: A great coffee was made above...this was not one of our failures.)

Our Values

Defining values enables us to move ahead, confident that we are upholding the culture that brought us to where we are today. Values help us hold each other accountable and be proud of the work we produce.

Player Obsession

Player impact is our touchstone. We work to earn our players’ trust, play our own games to feel pain points, and build games that cater to our players’ wants – not our own.


At Kano we don’t just complete tasks, we own outcomes. If we make mistakes, we are the first to take responsibility. We never say, “That’s not my job.”


We value individuals who use their curiosity to learn, grow, and push themselves and our games to be better.


We set ambitious goals and take pride in our results. We strive to create the best experiences we can for our players through innovation and continuous improvement.


We do more with less and understand that there will be constraints that will require us to be resourceful in our pursuit of impactful solutions.