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KANO/APPS Hack Day Wrap-up

The first KANO/APPS Hack Day is complete, and what a success! Our teams dreamed up some incredible ideas, experimented with some exciting new technology, including HTML5, and put together some impressive prototypes under heavy pressure, and had a blast doing it. On Monday we shared our projects and doled out prizes. Our projects spanned the entire spectrum of social gaming: from strategy board games to sci-fi shoot-em-ups, games for platforms like Android, web browsers and iOS. A lot of our ideas have legs, and we’re excited to keep the momentum going and see where they take us. For even more photos from KANO/APPS Hack: One, click Read More!

Ed, Tim and Eric brainstorm.

Pat is always thinking.

Pat, Damon and Dan hash out ideas.

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KANO’s first Hack Day is underway. We’ve split into our teams and are working furiously on our projects. Some people are putting pen to paper, some scissors to cardboard, and some fingertips to keyboards. Whichever way they go about it, every project is bound to be exciting. Here are a few photos to get you started. We’ll post live updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the day, as well as on Instagram (just follow @kanoapps), so keep checking in!

Ready, set, hack!

Lead Concept Artist Jose takes naturally to hacking. He doesn't even have to look.

Team Lead Olive listens attentively.