zombie-slayerIt’s not often that we brag about our community here at Kano/Apps (OK, that’s not exactly true, but stick with me) but this past month they’ve really blown us away with their support. In September we not only saw Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra get a very successful Hot Games Promotion on Kongregate thanks to user feedback, but Zombie Slayer getting picked up by the enthusiastic players over on Armor Games. We launched last week on Friday and as of right now we’re sitting at over 100,000 plays! We’re very humble and thankful that players on both those networks have adopted our games and are giving us feedback.

I had my eye on both these games during their promotions, and it was great to see the more experienced players in the chat helping out newcomers and giving them advice. Our games are very deep and there’s a lot of viable ways to play, so getting the scoop from veterans is a great advantage. Of course, it also helps our veterans in that there are plenty of new Slayers and Mobsters to ally with or fight against!

I’d like to give a big shout out to our community on both those networks (and our existing communities over on Facebook and Kano Play), and welcome any new players to the fold. Kano/Apps will continue to do our best to to be just as awesome as you folks are. Thanks for playing!