Making video games for a living is a pretty rewarding career in and of itself, but it’s an especially rewarding one when you’re making and maintaining them for the kind of dedicated players that have made our games what they are today. We like to think our community is pretty special and tight-knit, and we now have some pretty clear evidence to back it up.

Case in point: recently, it was brought to our attention that a new life had been brought into this world due in no small part to our game, Zombie Slayer. Dale and Laken were Squad Members in Zombie Slayer for a long time before they struck up a real-life romance, and last year they tied the knot (which, it should be noted, was not the first time two Kano players became offline married partners!)

Just this last September 3, Dale (“Cheese Sandwich”) and Laken (“La Tortura Loca”) welcomed baby Cade, all 8lb 8oz of him, into the world. In the words of Laken, Cade is the world’s first official “Kano Baby.” :)

Baby Cade

Baby Cade, asleep and dreaming about Legendary Drops

Mom, dad, and baby are all doing great, and little Cade is already rocking his first set of official Kano swag. 

Dad Dale with baby Cade

Dad Dale with baby Cade

Welcome to the world, little man! We can’t be sure, but we have our bets that baby Cade will be fragging slayers in ZS perhaps even before his first words (which might end up being “Raid Boss”).

To mark the occasion, our artists and writer created the “Cade Rattle,” a special in-game gift item that can be sent freely to friends and Squad Members. Keep an eye peeled for it, and if you get a chance, say congrats to the proud parents!


Best wishes to the Barrie family and happy slaying, from all of us at Kano.