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Last night was the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2013 and KANO/APPS was lucky to strike gold!

We were honoured just to be with the other finalists at such a prestigious local event and even more honoured to witness Keith Dagg win the Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

On behalf of the KANO/APPS team, we would like to congratulate Jessica Cruise (finalist for Young Entrepreneur of the Year) and all the other finalists and winners for their excellence in business and community development.

We would also like to thank the Chamber for the nod, Sang-Kiet Ly from KPMG for the nomination and Dan Gunn of VIATeC and Alex Mendelev of Gamehouse for supporting it.

Although my name is on it, this award really represents the efforts of my co-founders, our awesome team and the huge support system we have including our families, spouses and friends who support us and are behind us every step of the way.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year should really be Team of the Year as our success is far from any one individual’s accomplishment.

Thanks to the KANO/APPS team for making moments like this possible and allowing me to represent a company and team I am extremely proud of.

Tim Teh



Inside Social Apps 2012


Hope to see some of you on Wednesday and Thursday down in San Francisco for Inside Social Apps 2012. I will be representing KANO/APPS for this two day social tech extravaganza and would love to meet up if you are down. Shoot me a Twitter DM at @timteh and we can set something up!

- Tim



KANO/APPS is proud to support TEDxVictoria. If you are free on Nov 19th in Victoria, BC, snag a ticket, prepare to get your learn on and come hang out with us!


Hey All,

I will be representing KANO/APPS at GDC China in Shanghai from November 12-14th and will be presenting the following panel on HTML5 with some awesome industry experts:

KANO/APPS is a firm supporter of HTML5 with some top secret projects currently in the works to be released in early 2012. If you are in Shanghai at the time and want to meet up, drop me a tweet @timteh!

Best Regards,

- Tim

Fingers the Pirate


It’s really amazing to see how our games have touched so many individuals.

We get countless emails about how KANO/APPS games have helped people get through tough times, forge new friendships and even bring a couple together across the Atlantic.

One of our captains, Fingers the Pirate, was recently diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer. Fingers is a loyal supporter of Pirate Clan and we wanted to show our appreciation during these tough times by creating a custom Fingers Limited Set for him.

Along with this set, we also created an exclusive Fingers Gift Set that players could send to each other to support Fingers in this trying time.

It’s never been clearer that KANO/APPS makes truly social games. Players like Fingers are not strangers, but our friends.

This particular case hit close to home as we thought about the loved ones we have lost to cancer.

I credit our thoughtful and creative team for making this happen and hope we can do much greater things like this in the future!

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- Tim