Benefits! Team culture! People care! The team! Morning meet and greet! Swag!

It’s been a month since I’ve started at Kano, one of Victoria’s longest-standing tech startups, and I wanted to the get the scoop on why have the staff members stuck around so long. I started my query at the ladies lunch club, an unofficial, non-exclusive (we’ve got a couple token dudes that like to join us sometimes) boardroom lunch meet up.

Our sassy in-house artist Amaris thinks that management does a good job of hiring for fit. That doesn’t just mean washboard abs and stellar fashion sense, though these are some key ingredients in making things colorful and interesting around here. Two of our founding team members, Tim and Ed are by far the most fashion forward in the office. Ed’s rolled up trouser cuffs show off his slim and aerodynamic ankles and Tim’s strolls into work looking effortlessly casual chic in his harem pants and “Where the Wild Things Are” T-shirt. Brent likes to dress weather appropriate for Victoria, sporting shorts and sandals year round, while Mitch, one of our two Soylent devotees, has the curious habit of wearing one thing food related to the office every day (maybe wearing various food related clothing enhances his soylent experience?). The staff team at Kano is an eclectic mix, but we seem to jive together. We support each other’s differentness and are stoked to share and hear about the adventures we get up to on the weekends. One of Kano’s core values is to maintain a work/life balance and our employees are involved in a plethora of activities such as rowing, body building, running (participated for the 2nd time in the TC 10K), biking, music (two of our staff are in a band) or working on project cars.

The Kano community extends beyond our office walls and into greater Victoria. We’re stoked on this little city and proud to get involved where we can. As a member of VIATEC, we like to take part in and contribute to the local tech hub. Whether setting up at Tectoria or showing high schoolers around the office, we’re happy to tell people about Kano and what we do. As supporters of local business, birthdays are celebrated with Empire doughnuts, we slug coffee from Drumroaster, and order company lunches from Roast.

Though a startup, Kano has been around for a while and our focus is on our longtime players and our devoted fanbase. We do games as a service and have been running the same ones for over 7 years. Even though Kano has been around for a while, we’re into trying new things; we create opportunities for inspiration through hackathons and support staff in taking a new direction. Our content manager and Icelandic aficionado Mel, for example, moved from support into content and marketing. The team tells me there’s bottom-up leadership around here —we try to hire people who are good at managing themselves. We look for new ideas and people who will push those ideas forward. Nobody is going to give you a big list of tasks and tell you exactly how to do them.

What my research came to highlight was the uniqueness of the people that make up Kano’s staff team and the importance of work/life balance, our involvement in the greater community, and the general, supportive atmosphere of a day in the life at KANO/APPS. If you are or know someone who is a self motivator and think Kano would be a cool place to work, check out our current job postings.