Seeing a game shut down is never fun and it’s a process that we’ve been through ourselves. The saddest part is that the community loses all the friends and rivals they have made. Building up a connection with your fellow players is one of the most appealing aspects of social gaming and it’s sad to see that go away.

The players over at Mafia Wars are taking a hit in June with the upcoming shutdown and we’d like to extend our condolences to both that community and our fellow game developers at Zynga. While mafia game aficionados may have lost one of their options for getting their underworld fix, Mob Wars – La Cosa Nostra is a great alternative and is still going strong. We also have no plans on shutting down any time soon. In fact, we’ve expanded to iOS with an Android app on the way so you have even more options to play. If you find yourself enjoying Mob Wars – LCN, we do have three other similar games you can try.

If you’re coming to Mob Wars – LCN or one of our other games from Mafia Wars we’re honored to have you. As part of welcoming you to our community, and to help you get into the action, we’ve put together a small welcome package for you which you should see as soon as you log into the game. You can use this link here to get it: Join and claim your gift!

We’ve also got a number of other games where you can also claim the same gift; you can check those out here:

Claim your free gift on Zombie Slayer for Facebook
Claim your free gift on Viking Clan for Facebook
Claim your free gift on Pirate Clan for Facebook

Please pass these links around to your friends that play Mafia Wars and if you need any help make sure to hit up our community forums or our helpful Support staff! If you’ve already installed Mob Wars – LCN before this post and you’re a former Mafia Wars player, try this link. If that doesn’t work, contact us via Support and we’ll set you up.