Sweet and Spooky TreatsWe love Halloween here at KANO/APPS. Getting a little silly while flexing our nerdy and creative sides is pretty much heaven to us. Starting with sweet treats and ending with a spooky movie marathon, we took a little time to cut loose and have some fun at the office last Friday.

Kicking us off with a sugar high was an amazing batch of delicious fried pastry from Empire Donuts that was as fun to look at as it was to eat. This was the first time trying out Empire for most of us, and we weren’t disappointed!Spooky pastries from Empire Donuts

With everyone in costume, even getting your morning coffee becomes an adventure. You never know when you’ll run into the mad scientist formerly known as Young Rick, Imperator Furiosa, Cyborg HAL, the Tooth Fairy, Spider-Woman or the devil himself.

The level of work that everyone put into their costumes was inspiring and really brought the extra zazz to the party.

IMG_0506The end of the day was all about pumpkins. There was an assortment of pumpkin beers, pumpkins to carve and and pumpkin treats all around. To keep us in the mood for some serious pumpkin carving, we played all the Mortal Kombat X fatalities on the big screen while we worked on our masterpieces. Tiny Business Beholder was particularly fond of his pumpkin portrait, though BMO got a little too into the spooky fun. A James inspired pumpkin joined BMO for Adventure Time fans.

The creative department blew the rest of us away with intricately carved designs that our photos just can’t do justice to.


Finally we wound up our day with a spooky movie marathon before heading out for burgers at Canoe. If you’d like to join us for our next Halloween party, keep an eye out for career opportunities that are a great fit on our career page!